Welcome to

Minla Hotel

Sip a coffee in the comfort of crisp sheets and enjoy the refined ambience at Minla Hotel, as the horizon is painted orange and pink and the Metro speeds by over the sparkling city.

Comfort, class and convenience.

This vision for Minla Hotel began in 2012, as a haven in one of the oldest parts of Bangalore city which has since grown into a bustling corridor in the busy metropolitan city. There seemed to be a want for an upscale retreat for visitors to this part of our world. Keeping this idea in mind, we transformed a simple building into a chic boutique hotel; designed to cater to the basic human need of comfort with the added embellishment of luxury.

The Directors of Minla pooled in their experience in engineering and architecture to craft a hotel whose sole purpose would be to take care of those who choose to spend the night under her wings. They named the hotel Minla after the little Minla bird, who chanced upon them during a holiday to North-East India. This small, resilient, exquisite and resourceful bird thrives in the evergreen forests of India and South-East Asia. It survives the harsh climates of the mountains and has withstood the tests of time, remaining in abundance in the face of urbanization. The Directors found that their creation was synonymous with the Minla, and they fashioned a structure in that image – efficient and built to last.

We hope that staying at Minla allows you to experience luxury that is affordable and enjoyable. Our goal is, and always will be, to give you nothing but the best.